When did you first crawl? Walk? Roll over? Blow a kiss? Pronounce “Mama” flawlessly? Do you know?

What about saying, “I love you”? Eating your meal without refusing the greens? Ran? Said please? Waved? Smiled? Laughed?

You probably don’t know the answer to any of these questions. And if you do, it’s likely because you went down a rabbit hole and panic texted your parents or in laws, seeking assurance that all was well with your own Little One. (Hi🙋🏻‍♀️I frequent Rabbit Hole Town, too. Nice to see you 🤪👯‍♀️🥴)

If Sally Sue walks 2 months before your Little, you’re still a good mom. If Ellen Jo crawls 1 month before your Little, you’re still a good mom. If P. Sherman says a full encyclopedia of words at 7 months, you’re still a good mom. And when your Little grows up, they will very likely never know when they hit their milestones, nor will they hold it against you if their cousin’s neighbor Esmeralda walked before they did.

You are staying in touch with your Little’s pediatrician. You are doing the exercises you can to help. You are researching and reading and studying. You are encouraging and guiding. You are reminding yourself that it’s not Suzy Q’s timeline or Pinocchio’s timeline. It’s this own unique Little’s timeline. And as you read up, stay on top of pediatric check-ups, exercise and encourage, research and research some more, please remember: You’re still a good mom. And you’re doing a really good job. And I’m just about certain your Little thinks so, too. ♥️

PS: Highly highly recommend watching the Bluey Episode: Baby Race. Alllll about the milestone rabbit hole parents go down. Made me cry! 💙🐶

Even more important PS: If your Little needs professional help reaching certain milestones, you’re still an AMAZING, INCREDIBLE, SUPER HUMAN MOM 🏆🫂♥️👏🏼

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