My favorite part about this mug is the word “well.” The shimmer of it often makes it invisible, leaving the mug spurring me on and lightly, hopefully, simply saying, “This is going.” Sounds like a metaphor to me don’t ya think?! 😏🤓”It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.” kind of nudge.

In some way, we’ve all had to adjust to a major s l o w down in the past year. Sometimes, I’ll crank out an entire chapter during James’ nap time. Other times, I’ll dive into writing training deep into the hours that I should be sleeping. And sometimes, I’ll be so tired & fried I’ll use a little slice of free time to pass James over to Luke and go for a drive to way too loudly sing Mumford and way too deeply feel all the feelings. 👏🏼

Sometimes I have a hard time not beating myself up over how slowly I’m moving towards my goals. Other times I’m covered in spit up, having pizza for dinner for the 3rd night in a row, not having touched my keyboard in days and feeling like Super Woman. As slowly as it needs to be, forcing myself to remember: His time. Never mine.

You’re not late. You’re right on time. Mumford & Sons jam (ahem..cry…) sessions are sometimes just as necessary as the actual pen to paper nose to the grindstone work you’re putting in towards That Goal.

This is going slowly. This is going brutifully. This is going well. This is going right. on. schedule. This is going.

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