In the last month of my pregnancy, I stopped sharing nearly altogether.⠀

I was feeling so much. Hope. Grief. Joy. Anxiety. P a i n. Anticipation. I was feeling so much that it all felt insignificant. So I stopped writing.⠀

The hopeful moments I observed didn’t feel hopeful enough to help. The waves of encouragement I felt didn’t feel encouraging enough to inspire. The grief I felt didn’t feel important enough to resonate. The joy I felt didn’t feel reasonable enough to relate. In a time when every single person on the globe is going through what is very likely the craziest year of their lives, all of what I was feeling felt too small to make a difference.⠀

This week, the fourth trimester rolled to an end. James is 3 months old. ♥️ Last night during our nightly walk, I watched him, mesmerized as usual at the passing of the overhead palm trees, plants & clouds. What is so important to him, what brings him so much joy is something most of us walk by without notice. But it matters to him.⠀

My high risk pregnancy & delivery ended happily because my obstetrician went after what she found to be important.⠀
I’m here & able to walk today because my neurosurgeon went after what he found to be important.⠀
I pray today because 7 years ago, my therapist continued to point me toward the Lord until one day, I finally let Him in. She went after what she found to be important.⠀
I write today because my 2nd grade teacher sat with me during recess, braving my horrific handwriting & antsy pants attitude, and pushed me to journal. She went after what she found to be important.⠀
I wake up to my best friend every morning because one day, a man drew a cartoon of a mouse and fought like hell for that mouse’s legacy. And for that, a pixie dusted fairy roams Disney World and waved her wand introducing me to my now husband. He went after what he found was important.⠀

What’s important to you matters. It was placed in you to carry out. Get the degree. Apply for the job. Tell the truth. Create the website. Encourage the friend. Write the blog. You never know when chasing after what’s important to you will build the bridge for another to chase after what’s important to them.

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