My weekday morning commute has become
one of my favorite things. James and I take the long way to our destination–dipping out of the bustling Overseas Highway and taking the often empty, significantly slower paced, “Old Road.”

Together, we slowly zoom by so many other’s morning routines. Some of the things we saw this most recent Friday:

In the high school parking lot, a teenager trying to park. Another patiently, lovingly, trying to help him–giving him an encouraging thumbs up when it was just crooked enough to squeak inside the yellow lines.

An older couple on their daily morning walk, collecting trash along the road
as they strolled.

A man picking up his aging dog, carrying him through the remainder of
their walk.

Another man averting his eyes from all as his dog did his morning “business.”

Two best friends power walking, chatting excitably. Wearing matching visors. Peps in their steps seeming to come from just being together.

An older man watering and pruning the pink flowers surrounding his mailbox with painstaking detail.

A group of school teachers standing outside, welcoming little ones to their day, laughing together so hard some of them were doubled over.

..and that was just one day.

Pre-James, I always used the busy highway. I had only ever been on “The Old Road” in desperate situations–like tourist season weekends when I really had to get somewhere. But since having him, the more quiet route has become thee route. Partly because I still (and I think always will) get so nervous driving anywhere with such precious cargo. And partly because hearing him react to the passing trees and sights is the best soundtrack in the world. And partly because the sights I see when taking this route re-center me, every single time.

It can be impossible sometimes to remember that There Is Still So Much Good All Around. We zoom around and keep our heads down and grumble. The busyness and dangers of it all exist, no doubt. But so does the goodness and simple beauties of humanity–more plentiful than we can imagine. And when it’s hard to remember, I hope we will take the old road. I hope we will slow down enough to mosey around and reminds ourselves: goodness is still

It’s still there.
It’s still everywhere.

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