Our Miracle Man is Here

And with his arrival has come much celebration from so many. Beautifully bundled packages of newborn necessities, onesies worthy of an at home photoshoot (and endless holy-moly-he-is-precious-Mama-tears), and even some thoughtful gifts for Luke and me. (The gift of espresso beans just might have been our favorite. Those late night feeds are no joke! 🙊)

As James is celebrated, our hearts constantly marvel at the journey we’ve walked to reach this point. Our hearts think of our angel baby twins: Milo & Mila.

The gifts that have touched us most have been the ones with thought of James’ siblings. A handmade painting of the two of them, statues reflecting them forever young and together, even two twin stars named after them, and more.

Shortly before James’ arrival, we were immensely touched to hear from Love To Dream™ in regards to the upcoming launch of their Rainbow Baby swaddle. We always knew our Little Man would be a force for good, and were honored to partner with them to begin making positive changes and spreading awareness and light in what is so often a dim world in recent days. We couldn’t wait to get him home, healthy and happy, and see him all snuggled up in their Rainbow Baby swaddle.

We did manage to get a couple photos of him smiling his signature crooked smile, but the little snuggle bug loved the swaddle so much he dozed off too quickly for an extended photo shoot. 🙉 For a baby who typically hates being swaddled, this was quite the win in our house!

About Love To Dream™ Rainbow Swaddle UP™ 

To help celebrate Rainbow Babies, Love To Dream™ has launched the new Rainbow SWADDLE UP™ with $5 from every purchase donated to First Candle, a charity dedicated to reducing SIDS and providing bereavement support to parents through early miscarriage, pregnancy loss, and infant loss.

About 15-25% of recognized pregnancies end in miscarriage. However, hope is at hand for those parents, as 80% of women who experience a miscarriage will go on to experience a healthy pregnancy and deliver a Rainbow Baby.

Love To Dream™ Founder and CEO, Hana-Lia Krawchuk explains; “This initiative, together with the support of our wonderful retailers, will help raise much needed funds for First Candle, so they can support more families experiencing loss, while at the same time helping parents celebrate their rainbow babies and providing a symbol of hope to other families.”

Please visit this link for more information and to purchase one of your own.

The Hope Spreading Helper

Traditional swaddling is often difficult for new parents to master without the swaddle unraveling throughout the night and baby “escaping”. I can’t tell you how many times Luke and I rubbed sleep-deprived eyes in those first days in the hospital and tried desperately to follow along to YouTube videos explaining how to successfully swaddle–all to have our little Houdini wiggle his arms out yet again moments later. Love To Dream™ has revolutionized swaddling so that everyone can swaddle correctly, every time, for a safer, more comfortable sleep.

Babies naturally want to sleep with their arms up near their face for self-soothing (sucking on their hands and touching their face, which helps babies to sleep better and longer), however traditional blanket swaddling forces their arms down or across their chest. To conquer this, Love To Dream™ created one-of-a-kind sleep products for every chapter of a young child’s life.

The Love To Dream™ mission is to help educate parents and caregivers about safe sleep practices by sharing safe sleep tips and encouraging parents to use the Love To Dream™ Swaddle UP™ so that their baby (and the whole family!) can get more sleep!

Love To Dream™ Swaddle UP™ Rainbow is Suitable from birth until baby shows signs of rolling.

Available Sizes: Newborn: 5-8.5 lbs. Small: 8-13 lbs. Medium: 13-19 lbs.

Love To Dream™ products are available in-store and online at retailers across the US and Canada including Target, West Coast Kids, buybuy Baby, Amazon on LoveToDream.com and many local boutiques. Snag yours here!

Big Hugs, Better Safer Sleep, & Hopeful, Meaningful Snuggles To All,

KP. ✨

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