let’s mingle.

Hi Team! My name is Kelsey. The last name just changed to Pfleiderer. Yupp. You read it right. It’s a lot easier than it looks, I promise! Think: Flighter…Er. Got it? Good! Don’t got it? Hakuna Matata. It took me 4 years of dating to learn how to properly spell and say it 😉

In November of 2017, I underwent an attempted spinal neurofibroma resection surgery (neurofibroma is a fancy word for a tumor that is embedded in one’s nerves). They were unable to remove the entire tumor, but the outcome overall was still viewed as a miracle. With the grace I was given to retain my life and 72% of my mobility, I decided it was time to dive into something my heart yearned to do for years: write.

After the surgery, I had 3 months of bed rest to reflect, write and pray. In those prayers, I asked God to use me and reveal to me what I could do to help anyone else who may be struggling. Every. Single. Time I prayed, multiple folks from varying avenues of my life, some I had never even met before, reached out to me about how they had stumbled upon my writing via social media, and somehow, one less person felt less messy and less alone. Then one more. And one more. And another. & so, aperture expanding was born.

These pages will hold my honest, unfiltered heart. I can’t wait to get to know yours, too.


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