Last year on my birthday, I blew out the candles on a pumpkin pie and wished for him. It felt pointless honestly. Still walking around in what felt like new, raw, unfamiliar and uncomfortable skin after losing the twins, it felt almost silly to hope for, pray for, and most especially wish on birthday candles for a miracle. Never in a million years would I imagine by my next birthday, he’d be here with us. Little did I know then, but at that moment, he was already nestled in my belly enjoying that pumpkin pie with me. Leave it to James to never miss a meal. 🧡😂🥧

This is 28. 🙌🏼🧁This year has shown me that at any moment, a miracle could be brewing, ready to surprise us when we least expect it. Choosing to live each day with that in mind. 2020 has shown us so much can be taken, shaken up and never returned the same. We could succumb to that pain and decide to live in fear, awaiting the next disaster. They’ll come, of course. But so will miracles. Big & small. They too will shake you up, never returning you the same. And goodness gracious…how thankful you will be. ✨

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