I am 1000% certain that we will never be 1000% certain about most things. Especially the things that involve your heart. And if you’re attempting to do things right, your heart should be in just about everything you do.

One thing I am certain of is that, if something you’re working at, dreaming up, brainstorming endlessly on makes you physically tremble and constantly tear up (aaaand if we are being honest here, makes you break out into spontaneous hot flashes 🤭) it’s probably something that’s worth pursuing.

I got sick. Sick with what the doctors still refer to as a “unicorn case”. Sick with what could’ve (and in all reality, should’ve) taken my life. Even as it still threatens to loom over me, I’m scooping the dark cloud up from above me and putting it behind me at the very place it all started: my back. I will use it to push me forward. I won’t let it loom. I won’t let it threaten. I won’t let it define my life. I’m grabbing it and forcing it to propel me forward. Next time, and there will be a next time, I hesitate out of fear of judgement, failure, criticism (all of which will happen) I will remember: I was given the grace to retain my life and 72% of my mobility and normalcy. What will I do with that that honors that immense gift? Sit in fear? Stay wide awake at night letting this pull to chase my dream stay just that: a dream?

A miraculous case + a miraculous outcome does not equal a settled for life.

Today I launched my Facebook Page. I would LOVE to see you there. You can find me at: Kelsey Pfleiderer. For even more of my ramblings, you can click below and join my email list.

This is scary. This is vulnerable. This is sweaty. 😅😝

This is worth it.

Big hugs. Always. ✨


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